Brief Terms and Conditions

keyboard_arrow_rightAffiliate payments are made on valid sales.

keyboard_arrow_rightA sale will be deemed to be valid when customer fulfils the specified sales procedure and InfoBanc receives necessary payment for the product/service. There should not be any dispute by the customer on amount paid and/or services promised. Its the responsibility of affiliate marketing associate to communicate infobanc services as displayed at and not to make any over promise. Please feel free to contact marketing department in case you need any explanation/clarification

keyboard_arrow_rightA sale will be deemed invalid if the customer does not pay requisite amount or cancels order or ask for refund or use chargeback (for credit card).

keyboard_arrow_rightIn case of dispute, reserves the right to refund customer money paid to affiliate. Such refund will be deducted from advance deposit account of concerned affiliate associate.

keyboard_arrow_rightYou will never promise services that are not part of services as displayed at As affiliate marketing associate of - you will do your best to conduct yourself in a professional manner and uphold brand value. You will also ensure your customer is not indulging in spamming, fraudulent practices or involved in activities not conforming to our terms and conditions . reserves the right to terminate membership in case member is found to be involved in illegal or otherwise activities specified in terms and conditions .

keyboard_arrow_rightMoney paid to by affiliate is not refundable. Affiliate payment is not payable for sale to your own entity. In other words, you can not be seller as well as buyer. An affiliate marketing associate can not claim commission for any sale made to his own farm or sister farm. All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction.