keyboard_arrow_rightAffiliate Marketing program of infobanc.com is an excellent way of earning handsome income by working from home.

keyboard_arrow_rightinfobanc.com is a leading b2b trade portal in the world, helping manufacturers and exporters to market their products/services using Internet

keyboard_arrow_rightAs Affiliate of infobanc.com - you will sell infobanc.com products and services to customers in your locality/market and earn commission from each sale. The key benefits of Affiliate Marketing Program are:

  • Ability to offer your customers an Internet-based platform for selling products/services
  • Ability to offer your customers professionally designed websites (www.yourcompany.com) based on latest technology. Our professional team will do everything necessary - interacting with customer, registering domain name of customer's choice, booking required webspace, design web-pages as per customer's requirement, hosting, Search Engine Optimization etc.
  • Ability to offer business e-mail (sales@yourcomoany.com)
  • Ability to offer Internet promotion, online catalog, trade leads, agency/distribution leads etc.

keyboard_arrow_rightSince 1997, infobanc.com has helped thousands of manufacturers, traders, importers, exporters and service providers from all over the world to sell their products/services successfully through Internet and established itself as a leading brand receiving millions of hits every day.

keyboard_arrow_rightWe now want to share this success with a group of committed affiliate marketing associates who will market infobanc.com products and services in their respective regions and earn handsome commission and incentives from every sale.

keyboard_arrow_rightTo join as an affiliate, you need to purchase infobanc.com products and service of certain amount at bulk discount and then resell the same to your customers at list price. Your earning will be selling price minus your discounted purchse price. You may pass a part of bulk discount to your customers or retain whole discount as your earning. In other words, your earning will be the bulk discount you get from infobanc.com as affiliate. The program is completely result-oriented - there is no limit to the extent you can grow.

keyboard_arrow_rightThe best part is - you can work from home at your spare time. Your job will be to promote infobanc.com products/services within your region, sell infobanc.com service, collect the payment and inform us about paying customer. We shall activate infobanc.com membership of your customer and deduct discounted price of said sale from your affilaite account. In addition to commission, you may also qualify for incentives wherever applicable.

keyboard_arrow_rightThe initial amount you pay to infobanc.com as affiliate will remain as an advance deposit account in your name and every time you make a sale, corresponding discounted price of that sale will be deducted from your advance deposit account. You will need to replenish your advance account from time to time so that it remains over a minimum retaning amout all the time.